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Earth, I : A New Future

최종 수정일: 2023년 12월 22일

By Lauren Suh:

Through lots of hard work, Hiking Heroes South Korea and People for Earth has successfully completed the Earth, I festival on Earth Day. Many people came to the festival and enjoyed a nice hiking session at the Namsan Park (남산공원), an amazing performance by the members of Hiking Heroes, and a joyous dinner and after party hosted by People for Earth. Take a look at the many photos taken during the festival!

During the festival, Hiking Heroes set up a fundraiser booth where we sold our handmade plant holders and customers donated however much they wanted for the holders.

Ms. Cheong Wonyeon, an artist, led a seminar about the different insects that could be found in nature. She will also have an art display People for Earth's headquarters in December, 2023.

Hiking Heroes, along with other guests of People for Earth all went hiking together at Namsan Park (남산공원).

After the hike, everyone returned to People for Earth's headquarters for Hiking Heroes South Korea's performance. (Stage decorations for the performance was made by the members and families of Hiking Heroes).

After the performance, there was a large array of vegan food prepared for the guests.

Finally, after dinner, everyone enjoyed the rest of the night at the afterparty held on the rooftop of the People for Earth headquarters in Seoul.

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