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Biodiversity is linked to our daily lifestyles

By: Joonwoo Jeong

Biodiversity is the diverse range of organisms, and our daily lifestyles are deeply connected to this range of biodiversity. Without biodiversity, the reader might not be able to read this article and neither can I write this article.  After reading this article you may be fascinated by the implications of biodiversity in your life.

How biodiversity links to your culture

Culture is one of the most important factors in shaping colonies, building identities, how one’s mind works, and much more. Biodiversity impacts this concept of culture in various ways. An example of one of those ways is how many cultures around our planet have plants and animals taking a crucial part. This makes biodiversity a crucial part of various cultures around our planet.

How biodiversity links to our food supply

Our food mostly comes from nature, because vegetables are all from plants, and all plant-based foods are from nature, including canned food. Fruits especially are the results of the hard-working pollinators in the ecosystem such as bees and butterflies. Meat and animal-based products are also from biodiversity because the species of animals are included in biodiversity.

How biodiversity links to the ability to adapt to natural disasters

More diverse ecosystems are more likely to recover from natural disasters than less diverse ecosystems because there is a symptom that when ecosystems become more diverse the organisms fill in each other’s weak spots. An example of this may be that if there is one dominant species in the ecosystem it may be easier for a disease or a pest to thrive in the area, but when there is a diverse range of species diseases may find it challenging to enter the ecosystem. Another example may be how the more diverse the ecosystem is there can be a more diverse group of genes. This can lead to an increase in immunity to the impacts of a natural disaster and an increase in adaptability to the aftermath of the natural disaster.

In conclusion, biodiversity is a key instrument to us living out our daily lives because of how many different key factors it affects, how being diverse can bring so many different advantages to our species, and more.

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