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Interning at People For Earth - the Whats and the Hows

최종 수정일: 2023년 12월 27일

Hello everyone, I'm Yoonje Jin. I've come here to spread some exciting news for the entire Hiking Heroes community.

If you've been keeping track of our posts in the last 6 months, you'll definitely remember the Earth Day 2023 performances, where we partnered up with some of the wonderful folks at the intellectual environmental group People for Earth.

The People for Earth Foundation is an NGO that primarily focuses on the intellectual efforts of spreading awareness of the Ecozoic Era - an ideal future where humanity coexists with nature.

Hiking Heroes Korea has had a short, yet powerful and enriching history of relations with the People for Earth Foundation, co-organizing great projects such as the aforementioned Earth Day 2023 performances.

Starting this September, Hiking Heroes Korea has decided to further enrich our futures and will be now acting on a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

We truly believe that the MOU, which includes multiple future projects and many internship opportunities for Hiking Heroes members, will not only shine the path of the new generation but the whole future of environment-related education.

As someone who has just finished an internship, as part of the MOU, at the foundation I'll be passing on some information as well as tips to make the best of your time.

For the duration of a month, I had the opportunity to try out many things.

Before the start of the internship though, I had the chance to talk with the People for Earth representative Ms. Kumsill Kang to talk about my strong and weak points. From there, I got the pleasure of working with English-Korean translations for the duration of the internship.

Every day from Monday to Friday, I translated documents to upload to the People for Earth English homepage, as well as giving feedback for the general UI of the sites,

Further researching and translating the People for Earth database to not only more about the foundation but also other environmental organizations,

And talking, presenting, and reading with the countless environmental experts who came to the People for Earth offices.

By actively engaging myself in these activities, I received valuable feedback on my workflow and also got a peek inside the great minds of the great men and women who love our earth.

I had the pleasure of extensive knowledge of the otherwise arcane world of environmental politics, ideologies, and business management.

But most of all, I experienced many novelties, like great human experiences, quality study, and almost life-changing memories, to be cherished forever.

For all future Hiking Heroes members or to-be members looking to participate in such an experience, I would strongly recommend one thing: always be eager to learn and try new opportunities.

Obviously, by interning in such a reputable and lively institution, many people would by default receive some of the benefits I've just mentioned. One could be making valuable, business or not, relationships by making use of the workplace. One would naturally be eager and drawn to using the said internship experience to 'get somewhere better.' Yet, I dearly hope that every one of future hopes, as much as I do, to spend their time to the fullest, filled to the brim with good meaning and lessons.

An internship, like everywhere else in adulthood, is not a place solely for you. It is a place of comfort, of passion, of work for every single other person around- you are a guest.

One thing I realized after some time was that the lessons and the experiences I could've been enjoying were still there and as natural as flowers on trees.

But to cherish the flowers more than looking at them from afar, I found that real, persistent work was necessary. Real hard effort was the ideal prerequisite for the privilege of picking those flowers. Those to-be fruits.

Real soon, I became a Yes-man -- showing off my "shine points" whenever I could, finishing and polishing my translations to the near-maximum. I truly believe that only such efforts allowed me to make the aforementioned changes in my internship.

So everyone, remember: the only Best of you can see the Best of the world.

With all my wishes, future Hiking Heros - interns: have a wonderful internship!

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