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Hiking Heroes Performance  

Intro: A Message To Earth
Lauren Suh and Sooa Hong performed the Flower Song while Erin Kim narrated a message to the Earth.
A Letter To Earth 
Elena Jo and Joonwoo Jeong each read their letter to Earth. Then, together, they performed a flue and cello duet of Gavotte by F.J. Gossec. 
A Letter To Earth pt. 2
Seoyoon Jin soulfully read her letter to the Earth as Yoonje Jin performed What A Wonderful World on the trumpet. 
A Letter To Earth pt. 3
The final part of A Letter To Earth was a contemporary dance performance by Erin Kim, Seoyoon Jin, and Elena Jo, accompanied by a melodic violin song performed by Lauren Suh and Sooa Hong. 
Finale: Happy Earth Day
The members of Hiking Heroes, along with the musical director of People for Earth, brought together 7 different instruments and performed an instrumental arrangement of the song Earth by Lil Dicky. 
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