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A letter to earth
by: seoyoon jin

Dear Earth,


     I’m here to apologize. Some are too ignorant to do so, but it is something that needs to be spoken. 


     I’m sorry for the recklessness, the ignorance, and the plain selfishness that we have towards you. Though you provide us with all the wonders, beauty, necessities, and the perfect balance between all, we turn a blind eye. Instead, we take away your needs. We harm, ruin, and disrupt the balance; the stability. Destroying your skin, filling up your lungs with smoke, and killing off your creations one by one. But instead of stopping ourselves from abusing you, we are too stuck into our own little lives. Stuck inside the phone, stuck inside the money. Not being big enough to care beyond our narrow view.


     But dear Earth, please do not be in distress. I, as well as many others, hope that one day everyone, despite their differences, will come together and decide to stop the tragedy. That we will finally realize the problem. So please, stay strong for a little while longer and have hope.


Sincerely, Seoyoon Jin

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